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the obscure bible study series

Why study obscure characters?

For experienced Bible students these characters will provide a new and fresh approach to Bible study. Since the material will be new to most participants, new believers or those just starting Bible study should not feel intimidated by students who have been studying for years. Most participants will not have heard of the majority of the characters and events in this Bible study series.

These studies are a great introduction for those just beginning Bible study. Regardless of the level of knowledge, everyone should find these characters and stories an opportunity to grow in their faith through investigating fascinating and unusual biblical stories and incidents.

These studies will be interesting and even intriguing. You will enjoy the stories, but at the same time you will be learning important life lessons that will give you a foundation for your Christian walk. They will encourage you, advise you, and warn you. You might even be able to stump your pastor if you ask about something that is really obscure!

These obscure or lesser-known characters are just like you and me. God uses all sorts of people to accomplish His plans! You will become familiar with ordinary people, strange characters, and people living on the fringe of life who have the same troubles and challenges as people today. There are deep truths and important life lessons embedded in these studies that are worthy of your attention.

the books

Meet Shamgar, Jethro, Manoah & Hathach

In this introduction to the Obscure Bible Study Series, you'll meet a lone warrior judge of Israel, Moses' father-in-law, the parents of Samson, and a messenger to Esther. This book is meant as an introduction to the series, so has fewer lessons and is less expensive. If you want to check out the series at a great value, start here!

Blasphemy, Grace, Quarrels & Reconciliation

This book presents Joseph of Arimathea, Joanna, Ananias, Hymenaeus, and Cornelius (a Centurion). It illustrates the nature and challenges of life as a first-century disciple. Life has real challenges, but they can be overcome!a

The Beginning and the End

With four lessons from Genesis and four from Revelation, this study covers creation, rebellion, grace, worship, and eternity. It illustrates how God is leading us to worship in the throne room. This study is a great introduction to "The Story of the Bible," available in 2021.

God at the center

This book touches on the virgin birth, worship, the sovereignty of God, prayer, compromise, and trust. In all these stories and events we find God. He is there in the shadows or openly orchestrating our lives. Regardless of the situation He is at the center of our lives – a sovereign almighty God.

women of courage

This book examines the lives of Jael, Rizpah, the woman of Tekoa, Tabitha, Shiphrah, and Lydia. We see these women exhibiting great courage and faithfulness. God used them in amazing ways and we can use their example for encouragement and spiritual leadership.

The Beginning of wisdom

In this book we find courage, loyalty, thankfulness, love, forgiveness, and humility. It is clear that personal character counts. It is critical to make good decisions because they have consequences. Building our lives on wisdom will help us stand firm in our faith. We don't want to follow the example of Demas who deserted Paul for the values of the world.

Miracles & Rebellion

This book contrasts the stories of biblical characters who rebelled against God and those who trusted and believed. God hates sin and loves to heal the faithful. The rebellion of Korah, Haman, and Alexander are included to compare with the healing stories of Aeneas, a slave girl, and the crippled man at Lystra.

The chosen people

Thre is a remnant! This book concentrates mostly on Israel in the Old Testament, but also covers some interesting subjects as Lucifer, Michael the archangel, and Job's wife.

the chosen person

The focus of this book is on Jesus and the superiority of Christ. We investigate Melchizedek, the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Nicodemus, the criminal on the cross who asks to be remembered by Jesus, and others.